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Do You Need New Dishes?

Coming up soon is the Superbowl, a football game played between the winner of the AFC playoff bracket and the NFC playoff bracket. It’s a big deal to some.

Here’s where that comes in handy for you, my dish-needing friend.

Invite a bunch of people over for the Superbowl, but maybe limit the guest list to friends you have who you think have good taste. Tell everyone you’ll provide the drinks and some entree type items, but everyone needs to bring a bowl with a dip and whatever food goes in the dip. Easy, fun, delightful. Win, win, win.

Everyone comes over, the game’s on, then it’s halftime and everyone has to pay attention to that, and then … the game comes back on. Everyone is engaged but it’s a bit of a lull as far as focus is concerned. Everyone has done their catching up, the game has been on a bit, no one is THAT focused on anything and here’s when you strike.

“Hey guys, if we had a super … BOWL party here … like, picking the best bowl, not the food in it but like the dish itself … who would win?”

Now, most people in the room are going to look at you like you’re an idiot or just plain old annoying. But two, three, or maybe even four people are going to say, ‘hmm’ and really look at those bowls.

You should go shop for your new dishes with one of those people.

ceramic bowl with cereals

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The Sink

Monday Morning

Don’t worry about it, buddy, I’m empty, you’re in a rush, just leave your cereal bowl and spoon in here.

Monday Evening

Oh man, long day huh? Back into the swing of things. Just put that pot and plate and stuff in here, we’ll take care of this tomorrow. It’ll be real quick.

Tuesday Morning

Leave for work now! QUICK! Or you’ll be stuck behind the school bus!!

Tuesday Evening

Uh … I’m pretty sure that episode of The Office you’ve seen 7 times isn’t going to get watched an 8th time by itself.

Wednesday Morning

Ok. Tonight. All right? I’m starting to get pretty full here.

Wednesday Evening

Hey rookie, you see that I have a whole second half that’s empty right? There are two of me. Come on. Step up your game.

Thursday Morning

Cereal again, huh? Cool man! See you tonight!

Thursday Evening

How was going out to happy hour? Oh soup for dinner? Cool! Don’t worry about it, cleaning a bowl is so easy it practically doesn’t even count as adding to the pile of dishes.

Friday Morning

Week-end! Week-end! Week-end! Seriously, you should clean these dishes tonight so you don’t stare at the sink all weekend thinking about how you need to get that done like it’s some big chore but in reality it takes a few minutes.

Friday Evening

DUDE! It’s Friday! You should be partying! And by partying I mean playing video games and eating pizza on your couch!

Saturday Morning

How’d your jog go? Pretty good? You look tired, you should go nap.

Somehow Skip to Sunday Evening

Ok buddy. Seriously. Let’s get this done. Put on Sunday Night Football, get these dishes knocked out.

This week. This is the week. You’ll think about how nice and clean the place looks when the sink is empty, and you’ll never once leave a dirty dish in here. Everything will be taken care of, so it’ll never seem like a chore. You got this!

Monday Morning

Don’t worry about it man, it’s just a bowl and a spoon!


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