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Why I Support Donald Trump

I think it’s very frustrating to have an opinion about something, and have people bash your opinion because they disagree with it. Other people don’t know your reasons and why Trump suits you … And then if you express your opinions, they just attack you.

I won’t do that! If you support Donald Trump, but want to have a conversation about why in case you have any doubts … give me a chance to be a sounding board.

I know you probably don’t want to talk politics with a blogger at but … do it anyway?

  • Send me an email at:, or
  • Send a private or public Tweet to me @DumbFunnery, or
  • Comment on this post.

As an American, talking politics is bad social form, it’s too personal and it’s just awkward when you realize you disagree strongly with someone. But sometimes you need someone to talk to, to express why you like or dislike a candidate to sort out your feelings. If you’re in that boat about any candidate, shoot me a line! I’d be happy to talk.

Lastly, sorry about that misleading title. I promise not to be misleading again.

Mid-Term Election Advice

I don’t know what things are like in your neck of the woods, but here in Texas a LOT of the candidates are really much more feng shui conscious than you’d think by looking at them. I swear, for every three ads on TV, two of those folks are concerned about borders.

Look, I live in an apartment, I’m not going to hang drapes, ok? You can rant and rave about borders all you want but I for one think my windows need no treatment.

Now, these Mexicans?


Joking aside, my sincere input: Educate yourself, vote, and be angry at politicians. Because half-truths shouldn’t be so acceptable.

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