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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Day is fast approaching and that means I’d better get my resolutions in order. (Despite the fact that I sort of made fun of such things in a previous poem post.)

Last year, as far as I know, the only resolution I wanted and achieved was to reduce how many paper towels I use. After I go to the bathroom at a public bathroom I dry my hands with only one paper towel instead of two. This is simple but it does make a difference. You just spend a bit more time shaking water off your hands before grabbing a paper towel and wha-la, paper towel usage greatly reduced!

This year I would like to do another sort of green thing, as well as the usual personal resolutions which probably won’t happen.

Green resolution: take my Starbucks thermos to Starbucks whenever I go there (usually once a week). This will keep those paper cups I normally use from being used. Just like last year this is very simple but it does make a difference.

The usual litany of personal goals will make up the other resolutions …

  • Eat out less (priority number 1)
  • Send off query letters (which also means touching up my query letters)
  • Write more (finish that book I started for NaNoWriMo)

I am ok with the amount I read this past year for fun, but I could always use more of that. And of course expanding any knowledge I use for work (like by glancing at top coder in my spare time) would be great. But really, the top things are to eat out less and pursue my writing goal more. In November I cut down how frequently I blog so I’m reducing my excuses. Time to act on my goals!

Feel free to write some resolutions you have in the comments! (And yet more goals would be to read other blogs more, and get other people reading my blog more.) I hope you have some achievable and good goals for 2014. Whether resolutions or not, I believe it’s always good to be striving for something.

Welcoming 2013

New Year’s Resolutions come and go. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to have some. I just need to “re-brand” it. I need to combine a resolution with a slogan. Make 2013 a year known as … something.

2013, Make Friends with a Queen

That could be a potential resolution AND slogan. Am I currently friends with a queen? Not that I know of. Should I become friends with one? Yes, if I can’t think of a funnier slogan.

Don’t be Mean in 2013

That’s not funny in the slightest, but it would probably a good resolution. What’s that mean? That means: NEXT!

Read Like a Preteen in 2013

This is the most doable so far of all of my resolutions. In 2012 I read the Hunger Games books very quickly. With this resolution I could feel like an avid reader due to the number of books I could read without having the burden of having to use my brain.

Be Green for 3013

See what I did there? It’s a 2013 resolution, but … see, by being green I’d be saving the world for another … ah, whatever. One simple change/”resolution” I made in late 2011 was to use less paper towels when drying my hands in public restrooms. All you do is shake your hands a bunch, and then you only need one paper towel. So simple!

Make Being a Badass Routine in 2013

BOOM! I don’t know how I’m going to do this, which makes it perfect for a New Year’s resolution. It’s vague so I can say anything accomplishes this resolution.

“Hey, did you actually stick to your resolution?”
“Me?, yeah, heck yeah. I committed to being a badass and you know what? I did that. I didn’t change a thing about me to better myself, which shows I’m confident in who I am, so that’s pretty B.A. dude.”
“Sounds like you’re just lazy and self-congratulating.”
“I know. B.A., right?”

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