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Perfect Preparation Makes Blah Blah

My wife and I, by the time you are reading this, will (hopefully) be back in Houston after a challenging but enjoyable 5 day hike. Or perhaps four and a half. But five sounds more impressive.

One of my wife’s concerns for this trip is the showering situation: there will be no showers.

For this trip my wife and I did lots to prepare. We drove to elevation in Texas (that’s no small feat), Big Bend National Park and we did a 15 mile hike that involved elevation gain and loss. The next day, in lots of pain, we settled for a four mile hike.

We’ve also got bug wipes, wet wipes, quick dry towels, fancy backpacks, giant water containers, and … cleaning wipes. These will be the substitute for showering. But what my wife doesn’t know is … I’ve been preparing for a lack of showers all my life:

  • After working out, even if it is drenched in sweat inducing, I will saunter about the homestead making dinner, chilling out, sometimes even going to sleep, all before showering (my wife has put a stop to that last activity because it is “gross”)
  • If, again, before marriage, I would come home and my apartment would reek I would be grossed out … and impressed
  • The summer my parents bought a house with a pool in the backyard I didn’t bathe for at least a week, possibly two … When the longest time between being in the pool and not being in the pool is 7 hours, who needs bathing? (Note: I was 18 at this time)

So, hopefully soon you’ll see some pictures from our trip, and hear about our adventures.

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

I’m calling you out, nature.


Big Bend National Park

I heard you were calling me out?


Big Bend National Park

Day 1 was a hike in the Chisos Mountains. It was beautiful and the scenery changed a lot while we moved.


Big Bend National Park


Big Bend National Park


Big Bend National Park

Day 2 we did a “desert hike” … at the same park there was a ton of diversity for the landscape. It was very cool.

Well, I Uh … I …

This park where my friends and I hiked was really concerned about people picking up after their dogs. I’m kicking myself for not having taken a picture of the second sign all by itself.



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