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Let’s Hope it’s the Thought that Counts

It’s time for me to get you a gift

And it’d better be good if I don’t want a rift

But …

(A word for which I am such a glut)

What about that certain phrase

That we relied upon in younger days

Presenting to a parent a glob of paint

Which would then be praised like a patron saint

Now adulthood is here

(I say with a 3-weeks of vacation a year-sneer)

The glob of paint just won’t do

So now what am I supposed to get for you?

You’re beautiful, you’re wonderful, and I can’t hold you close enough

It’s just I don’t know how to say that with “stuff”

I promise I’ll try though

Until the point where I give up, grab something shiny and angrily say “geez like I know!”

There’s a chance you’ll see my gift and want to pounce

So let’s hope it’s the thought that counts

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