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My sister and I were talking and we agreed – for single girls, Valentine’s stinks. For guys in a relationship, Valentine’s can definitely stink. In my opinion, on Valentine’s, there are a lot of ways a guy dating someone can fail … but very few ways a girl can fail.

Try and think of a way:

  • “Darling, I made reservations for dinner and here you are at home not wearing pants!” This phrase would not be said with anger.
  • “You bought me … roses?! But you know I love tulips!” Let’s say a guy actually says this with some anger, solution: the girl wears something slinky.
  • “Aww, I’m allergic to these chocolates.” Her response: “crazy news! I’m allergic to … pants.”


So fellas, good luck finding out the magical Valentine’s formula:

Chocolates + flowers + compliments = a lady wearing no pants.

Happy Valentine’s everyone!!

Brought to you by … phoning it in, blogger style.

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