The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Recently I went to a surprise party. I flew out to see my sister for her birthday, and my visiting was a surprise. And THEN, the next night we had a big drinkfest/private karaoke room and that was a surprise. It was fun.

On the second night, we all got there before my sister and there was a short debate about what to yell. “Surprise!” and “Happy Birthday!” were two pretty sound options. It got me thinking though …


GOOD Things to Have Yelled at You at a Surprise Party

Happy birthday!

Congratulations on your promotion!!

(Some crazy TV show) built you this house!!!

Naked ladies!!!!

Ice cream for everybody!!!!!



BAD Things to Have Yelled at You at a Surprise Party


Free baby!!

Fran Drescher Audio Books!!!

Court Appointed Therapy!!!!


Comments on: "De Jour of the Week (3/14/11)" (3)

  1. I actually thought I heard someone yell, “suprise you’re pregnant!!” and almost threw up. It’s a possibility for the good AND the bad list, depending on the situation.

  2. I am so yelling vasectomy at the next surprise party I attend. If you think about it, it’s really the gift that stops one giving. Awesome post.

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