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Paranoia – Catch It!

At lunch recently I was talking with a friend about things we’ve heard people do that are paranoid. It was a fun talk. Here are some of the things. Please comment and add any others you know.

1 – If you go to a fast food type place and they say, “do you want your receipt?” you say yes. Not because you’re going to look at it – but because you think if you say “no” they’ll think you’re lazy and hack into your account. Or some other equally odd reason.

2 – When you have to agree to a license while downloading anything on your computer you scroll all the way to the bottom before hitting ok. Not because you’re reading it, but because you think they’ll judge you/do something if you don’t.

3 – After getting your car back from a dealership (or tune up shop of any kind) – before belting out and singing along (horrendously) you have a split second fear that someone in the dealership is setting you up to be the next unintended YouTube sensation.

4 – Writing a blog post or a comment about something your “friends” do…

Hopefully if you didn’t have a pointless paranoia like one of these, you will now!

And again, please feel free to add your own! (Or, you know, some guy you know who knows a guy who like totally does that or whatever.)

Comments on: "Paranoia – Catch It!" (3)

  1. I was going to comment, but I thought someone might put a trace on my post and hack into my blogger acount. Hey, that’s not a bad idea really. Maybe they’d actually post something worth reading there…

  2. Super Paranoid Lady said:

    I am not going to log in, but we are totally Facebook friends. And I am not logging in because I am totally paranoid.

    I once checked my whole house for “bugs” i.e. I thought my mother bugged my apartment and I systematically went through everything she touched to try to find the bug. Then I expanded the search to my whole apartment. She was somehow finding out information about my life that I didn’t want or need her to know. Turns out my kid sister doesn’t know how to log out of Facebook, and we were friends. My mother found Facebook, went through all of my sister’s comments, notes, and inbox, and then went through my page.

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