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Paranoia – Catch It!

At lunch recently I was talking with a friend about things we’ve heard people do that are paranoid. It was a fun talk. Here are some of the things. Please comment and add any others you know.

1 – If you go to a fast food type place and they say, “do you want your receipt?” you say yes. Not because you’re going to look at it – but because you think if you say “no” they’ll think you’re lazy and hack into your account. Or some other equally odd reason.

2 – When you have to agree to a license while downloading anything on your computer you scroll all the way to the bottom before hitting ok. Not because you’re reading it, but because you think they’ll judge you/do something if you don’t.

3 – After getting your car back from a dealership (or tune up shop of any kind) – before belting out and singing along (horrendously) you have a split second fear that someone in the dealership is setting you up to be the next unintended YouTube sensation.

4 – Writing a blog post or a comment about something your “friends” do…

Hopefully if you didn’t have a pointless paranoia like one of these, you will now!

And again, please feel free to add your own! (Or, you know, some guy you know who knows a guy who like totally does that or whatever.)

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