The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Another Day at the Job

There are a lot of jobs out there that are tough, and I think every job can be tough on some days. No matter how cushy the job may seem, I am sure there are times when it is rough.

For example – the music clip person at a sporting event.

If we are talking about football you might be tempted to think they just have ten buttons in front of them and they play one of their go to songs at random.

But what if the music clip person was working for, say, this past years Houston Texans who fell far short of expectations and disappointed fans with a 2-14 season. Ouch. Suddenly your job just got a lot tougher.

You’re losing to … who cares … there’s still the whole fourth quarter to go and you have a first down for your defense (after your offense had a three and out). What do you play to amp up the crowd during the TV timeout? It’s crunch time, you need to use your brain, sound person!

Do you jump the gun, use false hopes and play the “THIIIIIIIRD DOWWWWWWWN!” clip? Maybe.
“All I Do is Win”? Eh … Best not to, given the score.
“Everybody Clap Your Hands”? Hmm. It’s already been played twenty-seven times this game.
Time to get crazy. Let’s go with …

What, too honest?

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