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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

On this political night I’ll share a story that is rarely told about Abraham Lincoln. Yes, it makes him seem sexist, but it is a fake story.

In other news – DANG IT! The shuttle launch was delayed til Thursday which is the day I fly back so I’m shafted. DARN YOU NASA!!!


The origin of this phrase points to several possible sources. Shockingly, none of them tell this story. Allow me to relate my personal favorite theory behind ‘a penny saved is a penny earned.’

It was during the peak of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln was with some Union soldiers. The soldiers were, of course, very nervous to be standing near such a great man. Also one of the soldiers had a rather odd fear of tall people, so he was particularly nervous.

Another soldier came running up to the group of soldiers, who were his friends.

“I just saved a girl’s life! She’s the most beautiful girl and I – Oh!,” the soldier stopped short when he noticed the gangly President. “Sir, I apologize!,” the soldier cried out.

“Dude, chill,” Lincoln said. “What’s the chick’s name?”

“Ah … Penny, sir,” the soldier replied, equally flustered and proud.

“So …,” Lincoln said, encouragingly.

“So?,” the soldier said, unaware of Lincoln’s intent.

“Well, give us more details. What’s she like? She married? Don’t leave us hanging man, it’s a total dude-fest out here, I could use a good story to cheer me up,” Lincoln said eloquently.

“Oh, uh … well, she’s not married, sir. And uh … she seems nice, um …” The soldier tried to think of more to say.

“Bro. Listen,” Lincoln started out, getting more courage as he spoke, “she’s gotta be totally smitten with you right now. Just like, boom, that dude is hot because he saved my life. It’s time to GET that mess!”

The soldiers all shared glances, wanting to make very sure of Lincoln’s meaning.

“Guys,” Lincoln shook his head and chuckled at their obtuse minds, “a Penny saved is a Penny earned.”

Quotes of the Day!

Not a big blog post today – just really liked this quote.

“That these acts are simple doesn’t mean that they are simplistic, and it hardly means that they are easy.”

– James O. Coplien

Also, I really disliked this quote.

“Tell these bitches and hos to get in line, there’s plenty of Abraham Lincoln to go around.”

– Abraham Lincoln

It may ruin the sincere quote above, but it’s from a coding book. BUT, I think that’s a brilliant line, and true to itself – it is very simple but a sentence that is clear and frank in a way that would’ve made Hemingway jealous.

Have a good weekend peoples!!!!

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