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Top 10 Worst Songs During a "Lady" Doctor Appointment

Recently I posed a question to my sister – ‘what would be the top 10 worst songs to have come on during a hoo-ha* examination?’

Hoo-ha, aka, lady parts.

What I’m wondering is, which do YOU think is the worst?

The songs – so you can research this very scientific question

Top 10 Overheard TSA Statements

10) “Sir please take off your pants and do the macarena. It’s for the greater good.”

9) “DANG dude why are you so turned … Oh that’s actually a gun!? … What do I do now?”

8) “Do you love America? Eat the magic Jello while I stare at your package. Also, let me see your penis.”

7) “Do you mind if I take off my pants too?”

6) “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Either way *snap of latex glove* bend over.”

5) “I guess if I was stranded on a desert island I would take my favorite movie – The Secretary – a tent, and some stranger to grope.”

4) “Sir. SIR! Please don’t discuss politics in public that’s bad form … Hey!, somebody’s not circumcised!”

3) “Welcome to the airport … Re-live your disappointing prom night sexual experience!”

2) “I didn’t go to four minutes of TSA medical school to be questioned by some commoner!”

1) “Just picture this as a Prince music video and you’ll actually enjoy it.”


I’m traveling to the San Francisco bay area this weekend to see J Minnie, Theresa and other pals. Wish me luck!

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