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De Jour of the Week (1/17/11)

Top 5 Things Overheard Said by Mark Zuckerberg as He Fights Off Zombiepocalypse

5) “Poke this.”

4) “I don’t blame you – if I could clone me, I’d eat myself too.”

3) “Relationship status: Dead.”

2) “I’m taking back my friend request.”

1) “…Brainssssss…” **

**Note, the post name should be “as He *Tries To* Fight Off Zombiepocalypse”

*My co-worker L and I thought up this idea, and I thought it was pretty clever … but I guess with the same actor being the star (sorta) in Zombieland AND the Facebook movie, this thought probably occurred to many people.

I was going to fix up a photo of Zuckerberg, but then I saw the above image and thought it was somewhat funny. Plus the site has some good ‘posters.’

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