The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

I took part in ‘No Shave November.’ It started as an effort to have facial hair/look dumb for the Warrior Dash I took part in … but then two of us (the bucket list buddy) decided to keep it going. So, inspired by fun gif’s I’ve seen, like this one … I decided to make a dumb ‘beard’ shaving video. I’m also going to put up a quick slide show or a gif if I look up how to make one of the 30 days of beardliness.

Anywho, the videos are dumb but I didn’t want to shave tiny patches and take pictures like the above link. (Basically I’m saying his video is cooler than either of mine.)

I did two videos because I thought of two different ideas … simple enough. Hope you enjoy them. Today is video numero uno. Tomorrow will be … well I don’t want to spell out EVERYTHING for you.



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