The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

If you recall (if not here it is), I posted a poll before to come up with the name of the imaginary think tank I would start. The masses responded in force (total votes: 9) and there was a tie between:

  • *Beep, Beep, Beep* – Hey, what’s that sound? Oh, nothing, just that THINK TANK backing up its ideas with SCIENCE and FACTS and such
  • Brain Shells (you know, the weapon of choice of a think tank)

Feel free to comment and force the tie one way or another … or I’ll be forced to use independent thought which is just rude of you, dear reader.

Moving on to today’s topic of interest …

Who will be a part of this Think Tank?

I haven’t extended the invitations just yet, but here is my first cut at the team.

  • The ghost of Albert Einstein, via Mellena Sellena, “Your Guide to the Stars and Life Hereafter”
    (I haven’t met this lady, but I’ve driven by her shop/home a few times and it’s thirty dollars to talk to one dead person, forty-five for two. Soooo …)
  • The ghost of Christmas Future, via Mellena Sellena, “Your Guide to the Stars and Life Hereafter”
    (This one could be a challenge for Mel Sel, I’m assuming she’ll be cool with me calling her that … if not it may not work out. I don’t know if she can contact fictional ghosts, but since I don’t really think people can contact ghosts anyway I figure why not get my money’s worth and make her really use her imagination and creativity.)
  • Lindsay Lohan
    (She will be working the ‘what not to do’ department.)
  • This guy Ed I used to work with, he’s super smart
    (Not only is he super smart but he has an awesome beard.)
  • Yours truly, DumbFunnery!
    (Can you imagine how many hipster chicas I can talk to when I say I’m on a Think Tank?! Why, hello, slightly less empty social calendar!)

What do you think of the team so far? Any suggestions? Would you like to be a part of the team?

Comments on: "If I Started a Think Tank, Part 2" (3)

  1. First name all the way!! Though with Einstein on board I’m not sure I can join. At Christmas parties he gets a little handsy.

    The lohan promiscuous joke had already been done so I had to go with Einstein.

    Stay classy Earth.

  2. I hope you’re aware that Lindsay Lohan is going to do everyone in the Think Tank. Um, hey, can I join the Think Tank?

    • Can I watch? (I’d rather not join-in as I’d like to remain herpes free, but I think it’d be a good show.)

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