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The First Thirty Thoughts I Would Have, In Order, If A UFO Landed in Front of Me

*Fwoosh – The Ship Appears*

1 – Holy crap.
2 – Dang!, wish I had my camera!
3 – Can I out-run my friends?
4 – What if they eat the fastest one of us?
5 – Can I out-run the aliens?
6 – Hopefully they won’t try and eat us.
7 – Dang I should’ve had that third doughnut!
8 – Nah they won’t kill us.
9 – I’m going to die and have wasted a doughnut!
10 – Oh man!
11 – What if they stink?
12 – What if they’re super intelligent.
13 – Incredibly kind.
14 – Can solve all our problems.
15 – But stink horribly?
16 – Does the UN have a stink-council?
17 – They will soon.
18 – I wonder what their language will sound like.
19 – What if they all sound like Ray Romano?
20 – Smelly, Ray Romano aliens.
21 – What if it turns out to be God, and He’s been cruising around and found a bunch of utopias and realized He should’ve spent, oh I don’t know, a week-and-a-half making us instead of a week.
22 – I should start to dance.
23 – “Welcome to Earth … check this out, it’s called ‘the white chocolate.'”
24 – If they land and probe me, I’m going to feel kinda bad for having laughed when I heard people saying that kind of thing.
25 – Although, it’s still kinda funny.
26 – Space Pervs! Hahaha. Sounds like a good spoof superhero flick.
27 – I should blog about that.
28 – Oh crap the door is opening …
29 – Is my last thought really going to be about blogging?
30 – Man I really wish I’d eaten that doughnut.


My Zombie Roomby (11/29/10)


Usually when I’m doing a video for my blog the Zombie seems to get a little disgruntled and he leaves. I figured he just thought/knew that if he saw me making one of those videos he’d lose all respect for me.

I figure that because the same thing happened to myself (I caught a look at myself in the mirror … mistake.).


Today, for whatever reason, the Zombie stuck around.

Even more?! I think he may actually be down for doing a video with me!!! Stay tuned folks, this could be good.

Or not.

FYI About Tags

This blog is self-serving. I want to get published. It’d be awesome, and hopefully people would enjoy reading things I write (and had published).

I’m doing this blog because it’s fun, and to shoot for this goal. As part of this I am trying to advertise myself a bit.

Starting a month or two ago I’ve been adding the following tags to every post I do: brad, stanley, brad stanley, gangly, awkward silence.

Why? The first few are obvious – they’re my name.

But gangly and awkward silence are because of this logic: how AWESOME would it be if I became associated with either of those phrases? That would be amazing!

Recently the girlfriend unit discovered a blog post about which she said: “HAHA… if you just omit the second to last paragraph… this is shockingly true!”

The blog post is about TGD’s … Tall, Gangly Dudes. As a member of the tall, gangly dude club, I was happy to hear that this stranger is a fan of my people. And I totally agree that I see tall, gangly people and I think they look kind of funny. Like a rubber-band and a human had a baby.

Anyway – just letting you know that I, Brad Stanley, would like to be considered gangly, and associated with the phrase ‘awkward silence.’

The stellar report card from the random fellow-blogger is here.

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