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My Zombie Roomy (8/2/11)

I think the Zombie actually did manage to somehow combine with a werewolf. Is there some website he used for this? Or maybe a bulletin board at the local college?

“Unkempt, antisocial (except for during dinner), night owl seeks same. Hoping to hear from you.”

The reason I say this about a werewolf is because the Zombie has been attacking squirrels and birds lately. More dog than werewolf, but I figure it sounds cooler to talk about my Zombie-wolf roommate than my Zombie roommate who is dog-like.

It’s actually really annoying though. I hope this weird dog-thing wears off soon. Do you have any idea how annoying zombie pigeons are? I’ll tell you – they’re exactly as annoying as regular pigeons but they CAN’T DIE!

I may need to consider moving, it’s rough out here.

Animal Facts! (Black Bear, Squirrel, Dragon, Giraffe)

Everything you didn’t know about your favorite animals!

Black Bear

Ft. Worth Zoo 108Claim to be the first to wear baseball hats backwards.

Confused loneliness with horny-ness once, but thankfully used protection. Vowed to never let it happen again.

Probably the most sports trivia knowledge, ever. It’s mind-blowing.

Came up with the cheer “strawberry shortcake, banana split! All you guys are playing like sh…!” At ‘sh..!’ looks around mock-bashfully.

Once had a delay in O’Hare airport in Chicago that lasted 22 hours.

SquirrelApril 2007 249Had a huge crush on Charles’ friend Buddy from ‘Charles in Charge.’

Look cute in a fedora.

Aren’t sure if you’re kidding when you’re being sarcastic.

Taller than you’d think.

Great rack.


dragonYou won’t believe their stories – but, honest, they’re true.

Guilty pleasure of quoting Disney meetings during work conferences – but doing so on the sly.

Doesn’t watch baseball until the World Series.

Went to a nudist beach and giggled the WHOLE time.



When they go on trips they’re the ones that end up paying five dollars for a toothbrush at the hotel gift shop.

When they’ve been drinking they’ll admit it – they had four years of lessons on the accordion.

Think it’s funny to do an impression of Fred Flinstone, but instead say “yabba dabba don’t!”

Did just go there.

Don’t own any loafers, but are always on the look out for a good pair at a great price.

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