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(Whistles) What a fox!

Can we take a second to talk about this phrase? Were people worried the first time they heard it? What about the first guy who saw a lady and said, ‘woah! what a fox!’ … And when he said that what he meant was, ‘woah! what an attractive lady!’

Was that guy … ok?

No. Probably not.

He was, APPARENTLY, into foxes. And one day he was out and about and he saw a lady who was maybe a redhead and sporting some furs or something and he thought, ‘that is the most fox-like woman I’ve ever met – FINALLY! My weird sexual proclivities can be met!’

But why did it catch on? Shouldn’t the people around him have said, ‘ew … Dave. Guy, NEVER use the word foxy as a compliment. It’s just (shudders) Dave stuff.’

And yet here we are, calling women foxy, creating unrealistic beauty standards for foxes and/or women. I’m not sure who has it worse. When it comes to Dave, foxes have it worse.

brown and white fox on green grass land

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Attn: Ellen (4/17/13)


Ellen DeGeneres fox

Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

Ellen DeGeneres Wyoming

The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen,

This is the town Going, Wyoming. It’s a nice town but it’s got its problems, like any place.

For example, the church caught on fire and the real fire truck was in the shop so the chief sent the back up, called “adora-bwee-oooh-bwee-oooh.” It’s bad at putting out fires, but it’s a great conversation-starter.

Oh, and the giant, smug fox can be off-putting. The townspeople just pretend he’s not there.

I give the town a solid B!


Why am I doing this?

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