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Working on My Communication

In light of her telling me
(Not so succinctly,
I might add ironically)
That communication is to me what the heel is to Achille

I want to compliment her with words that will be like flowers
Yes, I’ll unleash my verbal super powers
(I could pontificate for hours and hours)

It is imponderable
How can you pack a baleful
Of kindness in that skull
AND be a heaven-sent eyeful.
It’s almost intolerable
How you can be so beautiful
And conversationally wonderful.

Yes, my darling, my sweet, I should compliment you more often
So that your look, in that cute way, will soften
And you will stop imagining me in my coffin

Just answer me this question
(Which is a not-so-subtle suggestion)
If I’m the one working on my communication
(In an attempt to avoid future condemnation)

How many more times could I have said I wanted to watch this game?
So please … love muffin … move out of the frame.

Communication Problems

Effective communication is a difficult thing. Often it stands in the way of great progress being made. I know it’s certainly a problem where I work, and that probably goes for every work place.

That’s why this is so embarrassing for me to admit.

Communication with myself often falls far short. Here are a few examples.

1. “Ok Brad, clean the dishes, then you can relax.”

20 minutes later – “Wait, was I supposed to clean the dishes, or eat this bag of mini-doughnuts? Because I see a lot of dirty dishes, and NO doughnuts …”

2. “Ok … I’ll set my alarm for … 6 am … I’ll wake up and do sit-ups before getting ready for work and in no time I’ll have super freak abs.”

7:30 am, “SHOOT … Wait, wow … I snoozed my alarm so many times it gave up … Impressive!”

3. “All right guys, this is my last game then I need to head to bed. Battlefield 3 can’t run my life.”

20 minutes later: “No I can’t go to sleep after THAT …”

50 minutes later: “I am so glad we have that coffee place right by work. One more game?”

… Not a very good post, right? Eh. You’re probably too comatose from Turkey to care. And if you do care, go eat some pie, come back and read this in a better mood.

Happy leftovers day everyone! (Well, everyone in the States that is. Sorry Canadian friend, and semi-Canadian friend.)

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