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Happy Birthday to … My Big Bro

October is a big birthday month in my family. I decided to do a little post for some of the birthday boys and girls I know.

I already told what is possibly my favorite story of my brother – here in this video log. (I’m afraid to go back and watch it because I probably look like a dummy, but I’ll link it.)

Instead I’ll tell a nice story about the broham.

My senior year of high school my history teacher was a Notre Dame graduate. Notre Dame was the school I really wanted to get into.  I had asked my teacher to write a recommendation for me for Notre Dame and he gladly agreed. In fact, on my way out of class one day, he called me to stay behind.

He told me that he still had connections at the school and if I could tell him that, if I got in I would definitely go there, he figured he could get me in. I knew that if I got in that I would go there, but I told my teacher I’d have to think about it. I didn’t like the idea of getting somewhere because of some favor – I wanted to go because of my own merits.

I made a bigger deal out of this decision than I needed to, and as part of my deliberations that night I called my brother. This was a rarity. He and I pretty much never spoke on the phone.

I explained the situation to him and he told me to take the offer from my teacher. Along with that he told me something that went along the lines of this – “none of my teachers in high school would’ve offered this to me. You earned this offer of help.”

I hadn’t thought of it that way at all, but it was a statement that I thought was very nice and a good point. I didn’t end up asking my teacher for that “special” recommendation but it’s advice that I’ve always carried with me.

If anyone reading happens to be stubborn and want to pave your road with your own merits, you earn help like you earn anything else. Help’s not a bad thing!

Happy bday to my wise older bro!

Congrats to My Folkses!!

Recently my parents had their anniversary (of what, you ask? Of marriage I say!).

My sister came up with this idea (she saw it on some random guys blog I think) – you take an old photo and then try and recreate it. We found a good photo, unfortunately it was from when we lived in Korea, so we didn’t go back to the scene of the original photo. Instead I attempted some crappy copy-and-paste and … well, just check it out.

Original Photo!

Removed! (Just looks kind of neat)



Well friends, around the same time you’re reading this I may be re-creating this battle royale that my brother and I had back in the summer of 2003. We were already a bit past the age associated with blow-up floatie animals for the pool – but that didn’t stop us from starting at either end of the pool toward each other, trying to knock the other person off their beast!

I named my killer whale (or dolphin??) Spud, I don’t remember Timbo’s animal’s name.

Based on the picture I’m guessing Tim won this round. Generally it was dumb luck if we managed to stay on those animals for more than 5 seconds.

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