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My First Ever Fan Fiction

He seemed to be shaking his head no. No, no, no.

She was spinning seemingly out of control.

Suddenly they both stopped. The power had gone out.

Mayan Ruins

The joke here was I was doing the pose – “by the time we got there … the place was in ruins!”

Attn: Ellen (12/15/10)


Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

This may or may not be from outer space.

The text of the postcard is:

Dear Ellen.

You just got mooned!!

BWAH HA! So funny.


[P.S. I realized after I wrote this that I sent another of the SAME(ish) postcard … this one I bought at Kennedy Space Center. The other one I bought at Johnson Space Center. Anyway – the joke is so dumb that I find it funny. My sincere apologies for the repeat(ish) postcard, Ellen.]

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