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Let’s Hear it for Lance

Earlier today I went for a jog and I saw a group of about 20 cyclists. I wondered how many of them used to be Lance Armstrong fans. How many felt betrayed when he revealed that yes, he did cheat. Were any of them still fans?

You know what you don’t hear a lot about? Athletes who dope and don’t make it to the big stage. Sure, it’s easy to join countless others and make Lance Armstrong just because he cheated his way to the top.

But you know what? He also had to keep working out a lot. And, he had to maintain a web of lies which takes a lot of work and memory skills.

Wait – does he need to be threatened, intimidated, cajoled or coerced? Man, I need to write this stuff down!

It’s not easy to get a good work out in when a lot is on your mind, and I bet a lot was on that guys mind. Plus, you had to find time to either paint a Dorian Grey style self-portrait or apply lots of makeup because one would think that much lying would age you faster than the average bear.

With all of this in mind I think it’s only fair that Lance get half credit for each Tour de France.

How to Make Someone Out for a Jog Feel Weird

When I was in Phoenix for Christmas I went for a jog. It was a delightful little run, except for the fact that it was tough and a random man weirded me out. Yes, that’s the technical term, he WEIRDED ME OUT!

I was jogging across a main street, jamming out to my music and going happily (ish) along when this stranger, with body language that (in my head) suggested he was saying something rude/something he thought was funny said something to me. Fortunately/unfortunately, I didn’t hear a word of it because of Young the Giant.

It could be that I am crazy and he said something pleasant like, “nice day for a jog, huh?” but my gut tells me he was a Weirdo McCreepy.

Which brings me to today’s all-important post!:

How to make someone out for a jog feel self-conscious and/or uneasy!

1 – If you see someone jogging by you with headphones on, whisper something pleasant with a sour look on your face. “I admire your commitment to running on such a cold day!” you could say with a scowl and cock-eyed. Say it quietly enough that they can’t hear you, and so that they’ll assume the worst!

2 – Look at the persons crotch-al region, look visibly frightened, and then quickly look away. This will be sure to stay on the runner’s mind for a while.

3 – Go for an enthusiastic high-five as the runner goes by, and if she or he high-fives you, stop dead in your tracks and stare angrily at the runner. The runner, amused/encouraged by the high-five from a stranger, may look back after passing you and then be completely confused by your reaction. ‘If you didn’t want a high-five why did you … There’s not even anyone else … It just … WHAT?!’ the runner will think while zooming on.

4 – Look at the runner casually and give an encouring, albeit noncommittal grin, then look past the runner, do a double take at an imaginary swarm of bears who have smaller bears who are trained in close-quarters combat on their backs, don the appropriate look of fear, start running with the runner … pretending this runner isn’t out for exercise, but for survival.

5 – Give the runner a knowing wink. Or an alluring wink. Or maybe a confused look, quickly transitioning to an over-the-top attempt to look cool face, followed by a wink.

Have at it, folks!


And if any runners read this and think, ‘why would you do this?,’ I’ll tell you why. Running is tiring. Taking your mind off the pain/exertion by trying to dissect some weirdo’s actions can really distract you, and help carry you through the run for a while. It’s therefore helpful for the runner, and it gives anyone a chance to be a weirdo – what’s not to love here?

De Jour of the Week (3/29/10)

I’m trying to get back into jogging. After I finish a few things I’m heading out to jog! The weather is awesome out – so how can I not go jogging right now? But really, there’s a Papa Johns by me which means I eat Papa Johns regularly now because MAN that smells so good.


Get FIT!

OK self, you can do this
No … not strong enough, you CAN DO THIS!

Mentally psyched? Check.
Physically psyched? Not check.

Every time I think about starting to work out
I think about that vacation in 4 weeks and how that’ll cause a productivity drought
“I’ll be in the swing of things, then vacation will derail me!” I pout,
‘Working out will just have to be put off’ I think, ‘about it there is no doubt.’

I shake it off and think, no, no, you can do this
That’s right – you CAN DO THIS!

Oh wait, my sneakers are in such bad shape
I’ll get blisters and then my foot I’ll have to tape
You see, that’s yet another plausible escape

Forget that! bring on a wicked blister!
Well … No … Don’t bring on a wicked blister
But bring on the workout, no more excuses, mister!/ (not to be sexist)sister!

Yes, I’m shaking it off – I know I can do this
Yeah, I said it, I said I know I CAN DO THIS!

My workout clothes on, I’m starting to stretch
I feel gross already. Does jogging go with a lunch of tex-mex?

Ignore the voices inside my head
Also, ignore my body which is thinking of my bed
My comfortable, comfortable, non-judgmental bed …

No! Stop that! who can do this?
Um? … I? … Can do this?

Uh oh, I’m losing steam
Would taking a nap in work-out clothes be some gym-rat blaspheme?

Quiet, self, picture rock hard abs!
Then picture me being in decent enough shape to date someone with rock hard abs!

I guess … yeah … I guess you can do this?
Yeah! … yeah! … I can probably do this!

I’m out the door, no more thinking!
(Plus I’ve decided my reward for this ‘workout’ will be that buffet for all-you-can-eating-and-drinking)
Yes, dear self, work out some then you can make yourself into stuffing

400 calories burned!
2000 calories earned!!!

Yeah, I can do totally do this
Eyes on the prize and I CAN DO THIS!

Oh sweet Lord what is that glorious smell?
Every neighbor is out cooking – burgers, steak, pizza! – this is hell

You’re taunting me, world
My plan you want unfurled!

Quick, run away from those … do I smell a bakery? … NO! I CAN DO THIS!
I think I’m … yes … I’m actually doing this!

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