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Moving is a great teacher. Sometimes it teaches you with general unpleasantness, but that’s ok. And perhaps my opinion is biased by my past of being an Army Brat and moving once every few years – so I’ve grown to like moving. Who knows?

This most recent move from Texas to Colorado made me realize something that I hadn’t before. People are like the game Jenga. When I thought of this analogy I thought it was profound, so I told someone and they said, “yeah, ok.” Perhaps it’s not so profound as I thought – but sometimes you need a blog post and so you go ahead and post about your mildly profound thoughts.

Here we go – people are like Jenga. We are composed of these blocks that are our friends, our family, our hobbies, our work, our own accomplishments, and even our stuff.

Moving is a great way to realize what your tower is composed of. This move took me physically away from a good job and a great set of friends and family, and a tolerable apartment. At work I was a known person, and I believe I was liked and people thought I was ok, and I took a fair amount of pride in that.

Now I am an unknown person at work and I need to work hard to establish myself as someone who is smart and can get things done. That’s fine, it’s good to force yourself into challenges.

Growing up I think my family was at the core of my own personal Jenga tower. And my toys and video games were probably a fairly major block as well. A move was disruptive, sure, but I still had my family (most importantly) and myself. As I’ve gotten older the tower is a little more complex now. My family is not one big block but quite a few smaller blocks with each member of my family being their own block, my in-laws involved, my friends are each blocks, my work is a fair-sized block, my home, etc, etc, etc.

jenga_distortedMoving caused a little disruption of the tower and when my wife and I got here, by necessity, each of us was a pretty darn big block for the other. And our home and our satisfaction with our surroundings became blocks too. We still have our friends and family, of course, but the distance changes things a bit.

To assist ourselves my wife and I have both picked up hobbies. This was a ‘trick’ my parents forced on my siblings and I, we always had to be signed up for after school stuff, usually at least a sport. New blocks come flying in and soon your tumbled tower is reassembled. When I was younger, because my family was so important, it only meant the top of the tower had fallen but the core of the tower had stayed intact, which made moving easier.

Now I have learned that work has become pretty important to me, and my tower took a bit of a hit when we moved (and ditto for my wife). But we’ve managed to start re-stacking the pieces, and introducing new blocks into our lives. It’s certainly a process.

What’s the lesson in all this? I suppose it’s that it’s good to have your personal tower composed of immutable things (or as immutable as possible). Hobbies that can go with you like reading or workout out, people, your own sense of self, and yes work is fine – but just be prepared to experience some growing pains when that changes!

Ok, toodles all. Take care to learn your tower and nurture it with strong blocks at the foundation, eh?


Attn: Ellen (1/21/15)


Ellen DeGeneres postcard

Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

Ellen DeGeneres postcard

The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen,

In preparation for moving into my fiancé’s apartment (the wedding is Saturday!) I have been moving things to her place and had furniture donated.

My place looks like it was robbed by a book loving, summer clothes wearing, poster fan who didn’t like my couch or TV.

And for that, I thank you, imaginary criminal.

Wish me luck with this whole marriage thing, eh?


Why am I doing this?

Moving Along, with Rainbow Speak

Tonight and last night I helped my friend Rainbow Speak move. It was tiresome. Here are some highlights.

  • I was carrying an arm full of big stuff to hang on walls, and a clock on top of them that is sliding around. I start walking down the stairs and stuff slides even more. Then a mosquito lands on me. That’s when I spazz out, have the clock sliding around and I’m trying to scare the mosquito away with noises and blowing my breath out. Classy.
  • I carry a standing Ikea lamp out. Rainbow Speak says, “oh yeah! I carried the other one out and pretended it was a lightsaber!” And you know what? It is a lot of fun to carry that lamp and pretend it’s a giant lightsaber. I want to get one and put a green light bulb in it. Or red if I feel evil.
    Be honest, did you look at the picture and make the “beejwooooooo” noise after that? (I don’t know how to spell the noise of a lightsaber coming on.)
  • I grab a suitcase full of stuff and some item in a cloth covering. The item has a rather distinct handle.
    Me, curiously: Uh, what is this?
    Him, matter-of-factly: It’s a sword.
    (So that he seems slightly less crazy, it was for his aikido class. It’s made of wood.)
  • Rainbow Speak has a love of Monopoly. One night maybe about half a year ago I was hanging out with he and his then girlfriend. We made mixed drinks and played Monopoly City. Rainbow Speak was happy as could be. I was drink and saying, “let’s go out! I wanna go tell myself I’ll talk to chicks, then stand around and not talk to chicks and be upset with myself!” Rainbow Speak said sure, let’s just finish this game. … Motivated by that, after bringing stuff into his new apartment I said,
    “Oh no, your Monopoly game fell out of your car. I saw it smashed to bits on the street.”
    “What? … Really?”
    He was genuinely concerned. I’m laughing maniacally while typing this.
  • Oh yeah, and I put a really ugly sweater of his (from the ugly sweater night) in his freezer. Just for kicks.
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