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My Zombie Roomy (10/28/11)

Here’s the Zombie at some restaurant/bar – I can’t tell if this jerk dude he’s with is human or zombie and …

Oh my.

I’m … I’m so disappointed in myself right now.

I just realized I was jealous of the idea of the Zombie having another friend! I’m terrible!

This is certainly an unexpected feeling. I really need to get myself a new hobby, or meet a girl, or anything I guess really would be an improvement over being jealous of the idea of my zombie roommate making a new friend.

Oh wait it’s Halloween weekend! I’ll just go stare at girls dressed all skanky. Problem solved!

Quotes of the Day!

“I think that comparisons are truly odious, I do not approve of this constant proud or envious to-do;

And furthermore, dear friends, I think that you and yours are delightful and I also think that me and mine are delightful too.”

– Ogden Nash, from the poem Possessions are Nine Points of Conversation

“Oh my God! I love bars!”

– Lindsay Lohan, upon hearing she’ll be seeing plenty of bars in prison

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