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Read the Sign

When I was in Sweden, I took pictures of a sign. On one side, there was this:



Sure, it’s saying: children, do not look both ways, run across the street from your home to greet the adult. That’s standard. But then, on the OTHER SIDE OF THE SAME SIGN, there’s this:


Now you’re saying DON’T run across the street? Or maybe do look both ways? Or maybe don’t run across streets toward random adults? Or maybe this is saying there is no nearby house? What does this mean!?

SxSw 2010 – Sometimes Musicians are Funny

Master Shorty: “Who here was born in the 80s, make some noise! … Now who here was born in the 90s, make some noise! … You’re too youg to be here but it’s all right.”

Movits lead: “This song is about … sounding American enough to be played on Swedish radio … or vice versa.”

Later from him: “We finally got the autotune in Sweden. Isn’t it magical.”

Singer at some place takes the stage: “We’re (whatever) from (wherever). I don’t know who that was just singing … (random person in the audience answers) … she was awesome. Can I get her number?”

Random place we walked by: “The only way to stay warm is to jump around like a fool!”

Attn: Ellen (11/9/11)


Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

The text of the postcard is:

Dear Ellen,

Lund was beautiful!

If the University there happens to have someone reading this I am available to be a professor! Please?

I can teach Postcard Writing 101, or an advanced course in addition (subtraction I don’t really like – I tend to be more of a positive guy ……).

The jokes don’t stop!!


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