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Attn: Ellen (6/26/13)


Ellen DeGeneres rabbit

Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

Ellen DeGeneres postcard

The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen,

Leave it to art to create new fears in your life. Until recently I wasn’t afraid of giant, highly evolved rabbits trying to take over the world.

Normally I send you postcards to try and get your attention so you’ll invite me on your show … But this time I just want this creepy rabbit out of here.


Why am I doing this?

“UGH!, walks with Dad are the WORST!!!”

This is a statue in D.C. for the Boy Scouts. Check out more pictures here.

A bit of explanation can be found here, but I’ll paste the bit about the (naked) man:

“The male figure exemplifies physical, mental, and moral fitness, love of country, good citizenship, loyalty, honor, and courage. He carries a helmet, a symbol of masculine attire.”

Sure, masculine. I get it. But it still took me by surprise. Like some terrible childhood where the dad couldn’t get enough attention.

“Son, let’s go outside for a walk!”
“I really need to do my homework dad! Sorry, maybe tomorrow!”
“Tomorrow!? Have you SEEN this physique!? We can’t deny the world this hot bod – we’re going outside NOW!”
(“UGH!, walks with Dad are the WORST!!!”)

Pictures from My D.C. Meanderings


Not a good picture but I just really enjoyed this statue

Not a good picture but I just really enjoyed this statue

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