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Attn: Ellen (10/20/10)


Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

As an FYI, the postcard is from when I went to a Giants game – it was a free giveaway!

The text of the postcard is:

Dear Ellen,

Here’s another baseball fact for you:

Nolan Ryan threw the most no-hitters, physically. But emotionally, it was Barbra Streisand.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Santa Claus.

One of the best knowers of fake news,
With long goodbye messages,


My Zombie Roomy (8/5/10)

Ok things got crazy last night and the Zombie confronted me and he seemed so crazed and … man I was scared. So I did what I do best. I rambled endlessly and eventually we hit a common ground.

The Zombie and I are going to launch some new, extremely niche market emoticons!!

Here are our ideas so far:

hamster with a gas problem
turtle who can’t believe he was just diagnosed with gonorrhea
old man who CAN believe it’s not butter
apron with an attitude
poofy jacket worn by Alicia Keys, but with Barbra Streisand’s face
toothbrush with an attitude
paint shaker with an attitude
(we really loved the ‘with an attitude’ thing)
meatball sandwich that just got a love letter
a tiger shark who is totally baiting the hook to try and get a compliment


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