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Bizarre Dream

I just woke up, so I’m writing this out so I don’t forget it.

This is the only part of my dream that I remember.

I was sort of fighting (not punching, just pinning down) all these celebrities who play the main villains in horror movies. Not the villains themselves, the celebrities who play them. AND, the reason I was able to take on several at once … It was the celebrities as children.

It turns out (in my dream) the celebrities were really evil. I realized that no one ever wanted to make a scary movie, it’s just that these people would show up and start doing evil stuff and the director’s would go, “eh, all right, let’s film it.”

Maybe I had traveled back in time to stop these children (not babies, middle-school aged … I was fighting four or five of them so it was no small battle).

Weird, right?

But also, wouldn’t it be crazy to learn that a bunch of celebrities are evil?

De Jour of the Week (3/21/11)

Expectoration’s on Expectations

There have been many mental simulations
Of achieving wonderful expectations
Oh, what lovely visualizations
Of heartfelt congratulations
And not a dash of “what next?”

You work hard at it
To make the goal reality and not a skit
The goal is here, it’s reached!, you’re a hit!
But only one phrase matters, to wit:
“What next?”

Catch your breath, wait a tick
There’s got to be some sort of trick
Is there an off-switch to flick?
Your expectations are a real dick
And this dick’s name-tag says: “Hi! My name is: WHAT NEXT?”

Attn: Ellen (11/17/10)


Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

Don’t tell Ellen, but I actually got this at Johnson Space Center during this trip.

The text of the postcard is:

Dear Ellen,


My parents and I had a lovely time in Florida – and they made fun of me for buying postcards to send to you.

Don’t hate the dream, folks!

(They don’t.)


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