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Changes Afoot

The countdown until my wedding is really on, with the big day being less than one month away. What are some of the big changes that are coming my way?

  • Hair, hair, everywhere – my fiancé has long hair AND a dog … Hello, lint rollers
  • You know that thing where you walk around talking to yourself doing different voices because you want to see what sort of weird voices/impressions you can do? With a roommate (the wifey poo) that might now draw more questions
  • My homestead will feature Legos and Steve Martin less noticeably, instead replaced by … I don’t know, whatever boring stuff “grown-ups” have in their homes
  • Someone will notice just how much ice cream and chocolate covered raisins I consume (really, it’ll be the first time someone notices because I just eat those things – I don’t know what’s happening)
  • The Zombino will have to move out (more on this later, I know I have done a poor job of keeping people up to date on his happenings so I will catch everyone up at some point!)
  • Oh yeah and being married will be a change too

My Zombie Roomy (5/24/11)

Well, it’s been an interesting last few days with the Zombie. I don’t know where he learned this, but he’s started doing the ‘wink, wink, nudge, nudge’ thing to me.

At first, it was hysterical. I cracked up a ton and I figured he kept doing it randomly because it was getting such a reaction from me.

I was wrong. It turns out he just does it randomly. You would think this would be comedy gold, but it’s not. I think he’s picked up maybe a third of the objects in my house and done the wink/nudge thing with them. I have no idea what you’re implying Zombie and neither do they, because they’re inanimate.

Oh wait … I maybe take it back. He just picked up a Lego man that is a gorilla and did that and I find this strangely hysterical.

(Don’t get the wink wink, nudge nudge? Check out this excellent guide.)

Weekly Wacko (7)

Since it’s nearing Christmas it’s the perfect time to buy things for yourself while making it look like you’re a good person shopping for others. That’s the Christmas spirit.

How am I Single?

I wanted to buy a video game whose target market was probably a bit younger than me (one of those Legos games – the Star Wars one). I went to the video game store and browsed around so that it would not seem like I came there with Legos on the brain. I looked at a number of games and eventually picked up the game I had come there for.

I went to the register and ended up getting the ‘cute girl’ (video game stores always seem to have one of those as a way to remind nerds of their place – and that place is at home, not talking to girls). She looked around for the CD, found it and put it in the case.

Suddenly, I speak (I had not planned this), “that’s for my nephew … Christmas gift.” This was a lie.

“Do you want me to gift wrap it?”

“Oh, no, no, that’s ok … It’ll just delay him getting to play with it.” That’s a lie, unless you replace the word ‘him’ with the word ‘me.’

“It’s no problem at all, I’ll gift wrap it.”

I’m not sure what’s more pathetic – me unwrapping a gift from myself to myself, or me lying without meaning to.

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