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2014 SMU Football

Well, well, well friends – football is back. And with it, my well-informed and well-biased opinion of how SMU will do this year.

In 2011 I predicted 8-4 but instead SMU went 7-5. One game off? What a pro, am I right?

2012 you’d think I would have improved but nope, predicted 8-4 but in reality SMU went 6-6. I don’t think that’s my fault though, that sounds more like SMU should’ve just won 2 games more.

2013 I recovered well … but it didn’t warm the heart because I predicted 5-7 and was dead on.

Last year was SMU’s first year in a new conference, the American Athletic Conference (formerly known as the Big East). The expectations for SMU were low and 5-7 might actually be considered a success by some (though it’s hard to look at a losing season and see it as good). This year SMU should come in a little bit better, but they’re missing last year’s starting QB.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted last year’s QB is gone. Oh boy am I ever glad. But will the next guy be better? Eh.

Without further ado …

8/31    at Baylor    Loss

9/6    at North Texas    Win

9/20    vs Texas A&M    Loss

9/27    vs TCU    Win (on a whim and a prayer)

10/4    at East Carolina    Win

10/18    vs Cincinnati    Loss (apparently they’re going to be the hot shots)

10/25    vs Memphis    Win

11/8    at Tulsa    Win

11/15    vs USF (Homecoming)    Win

11/22    at UCF    Loss

11/28    vs Houston    Loss

12/6    at Connecticut    Win


Total Record: 7-5

Honestly I have no idea how they’re going to do. But in the past that hasn’t stopped me from making predictions …

On that high note, here’s to football!

2013 SMU Football Predictions

Ok folks, tonight is SMU’s season opener and it’ll be a tough one (so tough that I am expecting to only be able to watch a half before I am too sad to fully pay attention). Let’s ignore that for now and look back at my record so far.

In 2011 I predicted the Mustangs would go 8-4. Instead they went 7-5, winning a bowl game to bring them to 8-5. (I didn’t predict all of the games correctly, for example I thought they’d lose to TCU but they actually beat them.)

In 2012 I predicted the Mustangs would go 8-4 … Instead they went 6-6 (overall 7-6 because of a bowl game win).

My prediction skills, like the Mustangs abilities, apparently decreased.

With that in mind, here are my 2013 predictions!

Anywho, time to get down to it!

8/30 v Texas Tech Nope. Nope nope nope.
9/7 v Montana State Bounce back game!
9/21 @ Texas A&M I may skip watching this one
9/28 @ TCU Victory! (It’s unlikely but why not?)
10/06 Rutgers (Family Weekend) Loss
10/13 @ Memphis Win
10/18 v Temple (Homecoming) Win
10/27 @ Cincinnati Loss
11/03 v Connecticut Win
11/10 @ USF Loss
11/17 @ Houston Loss
11/24 v UCF Loss


Overall predicted record: 5-7. (And I have to admit, that’s optimistic.)

2013 will be a year of cheering on SMU without getting too into the games so that I can avoid frustration and anger. Or, I’ll just listen to or watch games and get angry – turn on my NCAA football game and play that while continuing to listen/watch and at least in the virtual world SMU will be good.

Full Bags and Brains

What a trip! What an adventure! When I get home I’m going to pull up Skype and talk to my rents. It’ll be nice. I think I may go ahead and record the stories I tell, so that when people at work come up to me (one at a time, mind you) and say, “how was the trip!?,” I can just play the recording.

Wait, why am I preemptively angry about this? I should still be in a chocolate-filled, booze-filled, you’re-so-pretty-it-hurts-me-and-makes-me-wish-I-had-better-than-20-20-vision-filled daze!

I am excited about the gifts I bought for my family.

For my brother – a post-it note with a drawing I did of me in front of a wall
For my sister – a packet of ketchup from Germany that says “ketchup” (they have the same word for ketchup! How zany is that!)
For my mom – a list of names that would be cooler than mine (Thor, AppleSauce, Lean Geraldine, etc)
For my dad – a shoe (unknown size, presumed female shoe based on the heel and pink polka dots)

The best part of the gifts is that I got/made all of them when I was really drunk.

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