The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Hersky-Bersky Land

That’s right, friends! I’m in Sweden! Home of the hersky-bersky! I have yet to see a single chef, but I’m sure they’re around every corner.

Do you think, in Sweden, 90% of the population are chefs? Because I think so too!

These guys are good at keeping a straight face during a joke, too. Because I go up to people and I say something hysterical like, “hersky-bersky-ursky-mursky?” (Which is a very funny knock-knock joke in the language of the Swede) and they don’t crack a smile! It’s a country full of Leslie Nielsons!

Half Leslie Nielson, half chef. It can’t get any better!

Comments on: "Hersky-Bersky Land" (2)

  1. Please bring me back some meatballs and a cheaply made bookshelf that I have to put together with minimal tools. Thanks.

  2. And they have fish too!
    Sounds like you’re having a fun trip.

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