The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

And longest post title of the week award goes to …

Here’s the vid. Full of a bad southern accent (my go to “dumb guy” voice). Sorry, South.

Oh yeah and I don’t have anything against UT … I just thought “why not?” for that being the t-shirt I wore. I’ll go and buy this shirt for my next southern guy video (if I’m not lazy …):

Comments on: "Ignorant Readings of Books I Bought in Europe" (2)

  1. Cocktails of History and Prose said:

    I was laughing pretty good…

    Fav Dumb Quotes:
    “I don’t know what language this is in. It’s another one. Somethin.”
    “But its got stickers in it.”
    “This is genuinely frightening… oh golly, no, I’m not going to be able to look at this before I go to bed.”

  2. “this is genuinely frightening” lol I liked this video! I think I just like it anytime you look retarded, though.

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