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Airplanes, her brother and I went and saw the symphony at the Sydney Opera House. It was great. They performed Beethoven’s 9th, which was a joy. An … ode … to joy.


Before the symphony we decided to go to the Opera Bar to eat a little bit. I decided to have a drink. Airplanes also decided to get a drink. I was going to get a beer, Airplanes was going to get a glass of the Opera Bar Shiraz. Then, inspiration struck. Why not just split a bottle of this Opera Bar wine!? Brilliant!

The key to going from being sophisticated to soooooo-phisticated is having half a bottle of wine. Yes, indeed.

With some wine in me, and noticing a fellow opera frequenter (I’ve never actually seen an opera) who was sporting the sweater tied around his shoulders, I decided a photo op would be nice!

Sydney Australia

Splendid, I say, what what! Am I right?

Notice that behind me, to the right, is a person also holding a glass of some booze. Turns out she was a fellow jokester, and wanted in on the action. She jumped up and gave me rabbit ears, to try and ruin the picture. I had a pretty good laugh at that, so then we staged a sophisticated photo, together.

Sydney Australia

Check out the fella to our right, deliberately not looking at us. This guy was the angry boyfriend. Whoops! Apparently his girlfriend was having a much better day than he was …


After the lovely symphony ended, Airplanes, her bro, and I headed outside for some more pictures of the Opera House. How could we not? My motto for this trip was that there’s a good chance I’ll never be back to Australia (do you know how far away that place is!! and how many other places in the world there are to see!!), so I had better take 4 billion pictures.

Thankfully, Airplanes’ brother noticed a great photo opportunity. A woman, with her family, was passed out cold. Happily residing in sleepy town.

Maybe she had decided to take on a full bottle of wine by herself before the symphony. I’m not sure. Anyhow, I jumped at the opportunity and took a spot beside her. (Why? Because I am sooooophisticated!)

Sydney Australia nap

It would’ve been better without the program over my face, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

If I Started a Think Tank, Part I

Although I am sure you are aware, I will give the definition of a think tank (source):

An institute, corporation, or group organized for interdisciplinary research (as in technological and social problems) – called also think factory

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the phrase ‘think factory’ but that conjures up all kinds of fun, Roald Dahl-esque imagery.

Anyhow. I went to a wine tasting/grading party on Saturday night and I got drunk. In my drunken state I began to daydream about my own think tank.
‘What’s that? DumbFunnery as the originator of a think tank?’
Why, yes, friend. It not only could happen – it WILL happen. But only if you use the phrase ‘think tank’ in a non-traditional, less-work involving way.

First things first, though. What’s the name of my think tank? Here are some ideas. Feel free to vote.

Please feel free to write in other names if you have something good. If your idea is selected, the think tank will tackle any problem of your choosing. Or if that just sounds like I’m relying on you to be creative in two seperate instances, I’ll figure something else out. You jerk.

De Jour of the Week (7/15/10)

An Ode to the Stain on My Shirt

Oh, mighty stain!
I do wonder from whence you came!
Rarely do I eat curry
And I hope I’m wrong, but you appear a bit furry
That bloody nose must’ve drip, drip, dropped
My pulled pork missed my mouth and instead plopped

Oh, mighty stain!
You cause wonder, and disdain
The heat causes me to sweat just so
And chocolate melts and drips, you know
I should’ve avoided sliding in the grass
My clumsy hands spilled that wine from its glass

Oh, mighty stain!
What magical wash-proof forces do you contain?
Biting a juice box can cause it to spill
Old pens are neat, but beware a drippy quill
Meatballs go on top of spaghetti, which apparently goes on top of me
If your hands have dirt, wipe them on your shirt to be germ-free

Oh, mighty stain!
You scoff at the likes of Tide, All and Gain
Whoops – I spilled coffee on this admiring refrain.

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