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First Openly Gay NFL Player

Recently a soon (probably) to be drafted football player announced that he is gay. This is newsworthy because he is the first openly gay man to be a likely NFL player.

People on all of the important channels and radio stations have been debating: will the gay community accept him?

Here’s this guy who has been hiding amongst the wolves (football players), the very group most likely to have caused such grief for so many openly or perceived gay middle and high school kids … And now he says, “I’m gay” and he just expects the gay community to welcome him with open arms?

I don’t think so.

Can you imagine him meeting a fellow gay person? “Oh, you play in the NFL? I admire their open-minded policies on … breast cancer awareness and Viagra.”

Edit: I’ve just been informed that this guy has been in the news NOT because of the question of how the gay community will accept him, but because apparently some big wig NFL people and NFL players think he might be a distraction. Some of the players are afraid the gay guy won’t be able to keep his hands off them. That’d be hysterical if it wasn’t so unfortunate.

What Have I Done? / Bucket List of Sorts

A few weekends ago I drove up to Dallas to see my Alma Mater, SMU, lose to stinking dirtbag pirates, Navy. I was not pleased with the results of the game.

I went to Dallas with a friend of mine, who I will call Rainbow Speak. (He’s a very happy dude – Rainbow Speak is his nickname. He was also known as Specialist Smooches at the Warrior Dash.)

On the drive Rainbow Speak and I decided to come up with a list of goals for the next year. A to-do list or bucket list. It starts today (December 1) and goes to December 31 of 2012. At first we were going to accomplish EVERYTHING. But the drive was four hours long, so we just kept adding to it. Now it’s a list of things … that … are there. We’ll see how it goes.

For a lot of them we want to grab a group of people to do them. Some of them are individual.

As I accomplish each one I’ll blog about it. Some can be doubled up – like if I go on a camping trip, I may hike a canyon, so that’s a twofer.

This list has some ridiculous items. Prepare to make fun of me. Here we go. (I may edit it to organize it later … for now I’m lazy.)

The List

Sunrise related event
Milk a cow (That’s right – milk a cow)
Challenge game on boys night out
Cavern/canyon hike
3 camping trips (local/mountian) (One down)

1 big camping trip (big bend)
SxSW (or go here) (or here for music) (and lastly, here)
Evening museum event
Go to cabin
Aeros game
Dynamo game in new stadium
Scavenger hunt/flash mob
1/mo dinner and board games/invite neighbors
Bike race/event and/or half Marathon (pretty pictures here)
2 kayaking /canoeing trips
comedy club /open Mic /storytelling (and here)
pino and Picasso (wine and paint)
big band night /lounge
Wild west learning /salsa
Arts show in the park (ex. bayou city arts festival)
Trip to Europe / overseas
Read 18 books / learn language (for Rainbow Speak) / 12 query letters (for me)
3 weird local road trips (ex. Texas prison museum)
Eat at local mom and pops on trips
3 jogs in local Parks / hikes /mountain bike rides
3 Houston museums (new)
Beer can house
6 flags
San Antonio / Dallas /Austin trips
3/wk workout
Do week-long challenges 1/mo
1 compliment to a stranger per wk
Fancy dinner / drinks night / rent hotel / dinner cruise
New Orleans trip
2-3 beach trips
Wakeboarding/ Waterskiing
Blue bell factory
Wine tasting
Moody gardens / zoo / botanical gardens
Cookoff / food tasting
10k and 5k
3 Volunteer events (habitat, dolphin saving)
2 themed pub crawls (1 down)
Ridiculous photo shoot
Eat at tapas , 6 new restaurants (house of pies)
Fewer lunches out
3 lectures
2 photo albums
Roller Derby
Random driving tours
3 stupid videos
Shooting range and fishing
Old ppls home (stories /volunteer)
Bed and bfast (girls required!)
Trail ride (girls required!)
Hot air balloon / glider
Pool party / grillout
2 alumni association events
Float guatalupe
Xmas cards / newsletter
Try different cultural festivals
Beach Olympics
Find cool magazines
Anime convention
TED talk
Ice skating

I feel like if I get a girlfriend, and she reads this, I’ll have a lot of questions to answer. For example, “are you gay?” and, “are you sure you’re not gay?”

Weekly Wacko (38)

I’m a crazy person. It’s a fact.

Something has been happening since I moved into my apartment that most guys, I’m sure, would be excited about. But for me, the crazy person, it’s cause for concern.

I have been living here for five months, and I’ve gotten TWELVE Victoria’s Secret catalogs! How crazy is that!?

I have a theory behind it, and it’s based loosely on lies, and largely on more lies. Here we go.

Victoria’s Secret has aligned themselves with some very conservative church. One of those, “we’ll cure you of your gayness” churches. (I’m sure they have lovely language to describe the camp names where they “cure” you.) Victoria’s Secret has done this because heterosexual couples are more likely to produce babies than homosexual couples (my friends Joe and Jimmy have been trying for ages to have a kid and it’s, like, impossible). More babies mean more people, more people means more people wearing bras. Cash flow. It’s all about the money.

The next question is why does the church/Victoria’s Secret think I’m gay? I think it relates to the picture below. I have a sense of style that is KILLER. You may have heard the phrase “dress to impress.” That’s because my birth name was “Impress.” (That doesn’t actually make any sense – but that’s kind of the theme of this post.)

(Isn’t that the most rad jacket ever?)

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