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Here’s the Thing



The lady of the house and I chit chatted a bit after visiting some friends. They had hanging on their walls some neat things they had drawn and I thought, “hey, I could do that too!” I saw this cartoon online and was inspired – I’ll draw the same! Perfecto. It’s a pun, it’s dorky, and it is not too shabby a drawing!

The problem is, this is the limit of my skill set. Another drawing I wanted to do was a bear on his hind legs with a hand over his face, and under it’ll just say ‘unbearable.’ Dorky, I know, but that’s the idea. I spent some time trying to draw a bear and …

Now I’m trying to think of dorky puns that can be jokes in the form of a drawing, and they have to be simple at that. A tall order, my friends.

If you’ve got an idea, please feel free to share it with me!

Back From California

Hello blogosphere, I am back! Here are a few reflections having returned from the great state of heavenly weather …

  • When I graduated from college I got a job in northern California and I had no idea how good I had it. The weather, San Francisco, the fresh fruits! Oh past self, I envy you your strawberries.
  • A relaxing vacation of doing nothing is a bit tough to have when surrounded by six nephews and nieces.
  • One day, I would NOT like to have six children. That is an easy realization.
  • Going for a long relaxing walk on a pier is enjoyable. Seeing that a fisherman caught a 5 or so foot long shark at the end of the pier is cool (sharks are neat to look at). Going into the ocean the next day and trying to calculate the distance between you and where the shark was caught is a bad frame of mind to be in.
  • Watching a baby try a lime for the first time is pretty entertaining.
  • Staring at a different baby covered in sand is mind-boggling. How are you so comfortable? I would be miserable … Wait are you EATING SAND? Oh gosh!, no!, gross!, EW!
  • Legoland and the San Diego Zoo are magical places, assuming you can afford the admission cost.


Good job California! Keep up the good work!

Attn: Ellen (9/28/11)


Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

The text of the postcard is:

Dear Ellen,

You ever feel like a tiny man in a tux with a giant Asian woman staring at you skeptically/with disappointment?

… Or is that just me?


P.S. Who wants a strawberry/heart? (What IS that thing??)

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